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10+ years championing Real-World Evidence for better healthcare decision making

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GetReal is an independent, multi-stakeholder European forum that advances the adoption and implementation of real-world evidence (RWE) in regulatory, health technology assessment and clinical decision-making.

Our Story

The GetReal Institute emerged from two acclaimed programmes propelled by the Innovative Medicine Initiatives (IMI).

Both the GetReal Project and the GetReal Initiative, shaped our reputation as a collaborative multi-stakeholder body with a mission to facilitate the adoption and implementation of real-world evidence in health-care decision-making in Europe.


GetReal Project

The GetReal Project (2013-2017) was established to demonstrate how robust new methods of real-world data (RWD) collection and synthesis could be adopted earlier in pharmaceutical research and development and the healthcare decision-making process..

GetReal Initiative

The GetReal Initiative (2018-2021) continued to drive the adoption of tools, methodologies and best practice to increase the quality of real-world evidence (RWE) generation in medicines development and regulatory/health technology assessment (HTA) processes across Europe.

GetReal Institute

The GetReal Institute is established as an independent multi-stakeholder forum for collaboration in the adoption and implementation of RWE.


The GetReal Institute provides a unique platform to facilitate identifying and tackling the need to improve the safe and effective use of medicines by patients in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders.

Helga Gardarsdottir, Associate Professor at the Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Clinical Pharmacology, Utrecht University


Our Approach

With a mission to facilitate the adoption and implementation of real-world evidence in regulatory, HTA and clinical decision-making in Europe.

At the core of our identity is the spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Through symposia, webinars, conferences, and workshops, we created platforms for the exchange of ideas and the cross-pollination of expertise.


Gathering multiple stakeholders across the evidence generation community to share varied experiences, expertise and perspectives.


Fostering spaces for members to engage in fruitful discussions, exchange insights, and collectively explore innovative approaches, best practices, and emerging trends and methodologies.


Identifying and sharing resources  and experiences relevant to different stakeholders.


Creating resources, sharing best practice and guidance that increase clarity and identify appropriate applications of RWE.



Our governance is steered by an elected five-person Board of Directors, which will soon expand to a robust nine-person team, representing diverse sectors, including industry, academia, patients, regulatory and health technology assessment, fortifying our multi-stakeholder approach.

Working Groups

As a member-led and agile organisation, we leverage the strengths, expertise and interests of our members through four strategic working groups to facilitate the adoption and use of Real-World Evidence.

Each of our Working Groups collaborates to meet specific goals:

Working Group 1

Collaboration & Engagement

Driving stakeholders to make impactful change

Objective: to establish a sustainable, neutral forum that brings together key stakeholders to foster collaborative partnerships and projects. An RWD/RWE hub promoting thought leadership and connecting initiatives to drive the adoption of evidence-based decisions in policy-making.

Strategy: amplify the impact of RWE use through multi stakeholder engagement

  1. Providing a platform to reach common understanding and prioritisation of critical opportunities and challenges in the generation and use of RWE
  2. Building a diverse membership community to maintain a member-led structure promoting inclusive engagement.
  3. Facilitating collaborative projects, interactive forums, and virtual events.
  4. Fostering innovative partnerships and engaging key stakeholder organisations to drive the widespread adoption of RWE in decision-making processes.
Working Group 2

Data & Methods

Advancing the use of RWD and RWE methodologies

Objective: to act as an incubator for strategies and tools to clarify scientific and operational uncertainties in RWE approaches and methods.

Strategy: advance RWD and RWE methodologies that improve confidence in the application and use of RWE.

  1. Developing a scientific agenda that strategically addresses the multi-faceted needs of regulatory and HTA bodies regarding the use of RWE.
  2. Contributing to the development of cutting-edge research to develop RWE methodologies and best practices that informs the development of policy and guidance.
Working Group 3

Knowledge Dissemination

Propagating knowledge to shape the future

Objective:  to curate a valuable repository of RWE resources, experiences, and success stories to spearhead knowledge- sharing and increase understanding across disciplines to advance the use of RWE.

Strategy: share knowledge and evidence-based insights to drive the adoption of RWE

  1. Collating  a  centralised  repository  of  resources,  connecting  experiences,  and  success  stories, disseminating the latest advancements, scientific publications, spearheading webinars, and expert workshops to propagate knowledge sharing.
  2. Establishing thought leadership in advancing RWE understanding, application and adoption.
  3. Empowering  decision-makers  with  clear  and  precise  RWE  healthcare  applications  through evidence backed reports.
Working Group 4

Education & Training

Cultivating a community of RWE experts

Objective:  to  establish the GetReal Academy as a dedicated RWE Academy for Excellence, a source of trusted, high quality RWE education and training, cultivating a community of RWE experts driving informed evidence- based choices in the domains of regulatory, HTA, and clinical decision-making.

Strategy: provide a shared educational learning experience to nurture proficiency – Click Here for more about GetReal Education Initiatives

  1. Forging GetReal Academy as a premier educational platform, offering specialised on-line training courses, hands-on workshops, and mentorship programmes lead by RWE experts.
  2. Cultivating a community of RWE experts from different perspectives and diverse experiences.
  3. Equipping  healthcare  professionals,  researchers,  patients,  and  policy-makers  with  the  skills necessary for proficient application of RWE methodologies.
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