GetReal Institute’s End of Year Message

As we approach the end of 2023, our heartfelt gratitude to our members, partners, collaborators and followers for their invaluable contribution and support.
Upon reflection, 2023 was another formative year for the GetReal Institute in further establishing a strong foundation for the future. 

  • We held the first Annual GetReal Conference in Utrecht, bringing though leaders to highlight RWE developments in Europe, USA, South America and Asia.
  • We welcomed 5 new members to expand our membership to 29 members.
  • We refined our objectives and established four working groups:
    • Collaboration & Engagement
    • Data & Methods
    • Knowledge Dissemination
    • Education & Training
  • We completed two projects: a systematic review of methods used in external control arm studies for regulatory and HTA decision-making; and establishing criteria for when RWE is sufficiently compelling to be used as pivotal evidence. (manuscripts under development)
  • We held our first Shared Learning Forum, a multi-stakeholder initiative to allow stakeholders to bring forth issues and case studies for deliberation relating to the use of RWE and study design in a neutral environment with the learnings generalised for wider dissemination. The first topic explored research inquiries stemming from a RWE case study using registry data, the output of which will be shared early next year.    
  • We completed our learning and education strategy for 2024-2026 at the heart of which is developing a RWE competency framework and resources to support the learning journey of learners from novices to experts. This forms the basis for the continued development of the GetReal Academy where we have refreshed the RWE in Medicines Development course as an online self-paced course.
  • We were part of a successful consortia responding to a Horizon Europe call called SUSTAIN-HTA to support the uptake of innovative HTA methods and advancing HTA expertise across the EU.
  • We participated and presented at conferences, meetings and roundtables, including DIA, DIA Europe, DIA RWE, ISPOR, ISPOR Europe, ISPE, HTAi, CADTH, and FDA/FOCR.

We look forward to continuing this momentum for an impactful 2024! To serve the RWE community in advancing the acceptance of RWE in regulatory, HTA and payer decision-making, with the support of our members and in collaboration with our stakeholders for the timely approval and access to safe, effective and affordable medicines to patients. 

Best wishes this holiday season!

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